Police dismiss officers caught on video demanding money from Dutch tourist

Dismissed officers Kareem Fatai and Jimoh Abdul-Lukman

IBADAN- The Oyo State Police Command has dismissed two special constables, Kareem Fatai and Jimoh Abdul-Lukman, for demanding money from a Dutch tourist in the state.

Recall that on December 8, the command arrested both officers after a video of them demanding money from a female Dutch rider went viral.

The short video showed both officers flagging down the rider along the Iseyin-Ogbomosho road and asking for her destination. She replied, saying she was from the Netherlands and heading to Abuja.

The officers then asked her to give them money or ‘anything else’.

“Give me something, nah. How is the family? What did you bring? What do you want to give me?” The officers asked the Dutch rider, who did not understand what they were requesting in Pidgin English.

To help her understand better, one of the officers switched to English and asked her, “Give me money.” The confused Dutch rider responded with, “Why?”

In a bid to deter other officers from committing similar acts, the state Commissioner of Police, Adebola Hamzat, announced the dismissal of the two officers on Thursday.

The commissioner said, “I affirm the recommended punishment of dismissal for the two police special constables, Kareem Fatai and Jimoh Abdul-Lukman.

“I hereby pronounce both of them dismissed from the police special constabulary. They will cease to be members of the special constabulary with immediate effect.

“It is hoped that this will serve as a deterrent to others who might want to perform a similar act,” he warned.

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