President Buhari Refused To Pay My Daughter’s Salary For Four Years – Buba Galadima

Buba Galadima, a former ally of Muhammadu Buhari, has made a shocking accusation against him. 

According to him, Buhari has refused to pay his daughter’s salary because of his dislike for him. 

Galadima, who is currently backing the presidential ambition of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, disclose this in an with Daily Independent. 

Asked if his daughter worked for President Buhari, Galadima said: “No, she didn’t. Ask them, let them bring any record or any voucher where my daughter, after working for four years, was ever paid any kobo as remuneration for what she did. And I kept her there deliberately for a time like today.

“I was funding her to feed. They should be ashamed of themselves that because they don’t like my face, that is being transferred to my daughter.

“My daughter whom the General and his family and my family went for her graduation in the UK years back, and he gave her out in marriage. Her first child was named after him. It is a shame that she could work for him for four years without salary.

“I don’t know which culture in Africa that such could be done, that my own sin would be transferred to my daughter.”

He, however, stated that his daughter is an adult and intelligent enough to answer questions on her experience in the Buhari administration.

“I think she is in a position to defend herself. Put her on this hot seat. I think you will be shocked by the kind of revelations she would make to you,” he added.

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