“She was due to travel abroad this week for a better life” Friends mourn Doctor Chinelo Megafu who was shot dead in Abuja-Kaduna train attack (photos)

A young doctor, Megafu Chinelo, who made a tweet last night during the attack on the Abuja train is now dead.

Chinelo, a dental surgeon at St Geralds hospital in was one of the 900 passengers on board when the attacked the train.

Friends say, Chinelo recently resigned and was to leave the country this Friday.

“To think she’d resigned from her duty post at the hospital to travel abroad this week to escape this hell hole and this happened!!!! Nigeria, this breakfast you’re serving us is too much. We’re tired!!!” a friend of hers who claims anonymity disclosed.

Recalled that the bandits blew up train rails and attacked the 6pm train heading to from Abuja.

Many are feared kidnapped, while others sustained injury during the attack.

It was reported that the train derailed when the explosives planted on the rail track went off.

The gunmen also reportedly opened fire on the train and several passengers sustained injuries.

Chinelo was one of the victims who sustained gunshot injuries.

Shortly after the attack, Chinelo took to her Twitter page at 9:43 pm asking Nigerians to pray for her.

She tweeted: “I’m in the train. I have been shot please pray for me.”

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Railway Corporation, NRC, on Tuesday suspended its services along the Abuja- rail due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

NRC confirmed this development in a terse statement on its Twitter page.

“Dear passengers, due to unforeseen circumstances, trainoperations along the Abuja- route has been temporarily suspended.

“Further communication would be given in due course,” the statement read.

This comes two days after armed gangs invaded International Airport, killing aviation workers and leaving many others wounded.

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