Transformation Video Of Nancy Isime’s Butt sparks Surgery Area

Nollywood actress, Nancy Isime has caused a stir online after a video of her butts leaked hours ago.

The actress had taken part in a viral before-after challenge which usually has to do with a compilation of pre fame and after fame photos.

Many spotted that the actress’s derriere was much flatter that now and this had them jump to a conclusion that she had butt lift surgery.

nkemakonamu : It’s very obvious but why ain’t they proud of the procedures Abi E dey reduce their self esteem?

thriftbyminah : She had surgery na, she’s just using to maintain it

sanusi_a : Eat good food , visit the gym often and have peace of mind trust me your body go come out. If you get extra money too, do BBL.o

offordike : So person no fit grow yansh in peace again! No be everything be surgery n

itsrosemond : Which kind mumu question. She did her body na….2019 her movie with IK Ogbonna 2018 where she played boy…she no even get yansh like that self…so no be news

amaka.maya : She had bbl and it’s beautiful, let’s stop stigmatizing women that had a body work done. 90% of y’all coming for them will do if you have the money, kmt!

Nancy Isime recently penned an appreciation post to all who checked up on her following rumors that she was dating a man.

Kemi Filani news reported that the actress’s image was tainted when a blogger spilled dirts of her affair with a man.

The blogger claimed that Nancy Isime was been bankrolled by a man who finances most of her trips overseas.

Speaking out following the turbulent time, Nancy appreciated her colleagues and friends who showed her love.

She revealed that she felt like an egg as she was constantly asked by people how she was faring.

Even at work, there was a kind of gentility to which she was spoken to.

Nancy Isime before and after photos
Nancy Isime before and after photos

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