Water FC Gives Hope To Talented Football Players

… As Trial Begins

By Joan Nnenna Iwuchukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – The CEO of Water FC as well as MK Sports International. Makanjuola Nureni is out to give hope to unique and talented football players who don’t have what it takes to be out their to make a career.

Speaking to sports men at the trial of over five thousand players who trouped out to gain recognition for themselves, said he is looking out to get talented players to groom, play abroad as well as play in the Nation wide league(NNL).

“I am looking for young talents. Firstly is divided into three categories, 13-24years. We at Water FC are looking for 13-16 to groom, 17-19 to take abroad for professional and 19-24 to play in the NNL next season.

Speaking about NNL, people are concerned about Water FC, the way they play that they should be in NNL or NLO. But we at Water FC, we are club that have program. We cannot put dabble into it like that. We take our time to plan and set goals to play. I believe this is their time to come out and play in the NNL.

So this is the opportunity for Water FC to look for players that are unique and talented that are at home but don’t have sponsors, to come out and showcase themselves.

Any player you know that is good enough and doesn’t have connections and support. Water FC want to open a door for them to any level in their football career.

My vision and believe is that 90% of good players and are unique are at home and are called “housing FC” we want to help them pursue their career and give them a platform”. He concluded.

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