“Why Bobrisky Is Not Supposed To Be A Role Model”– Lady Says

Nigerian lady has claimed that  and all crossdressers, gays, and lesbians are not supposed to be role to anyone because they live a fake life.

Bobrisky is well known for living a fake life by pretending to be a woman and this lady sharing her thoughts about such things has concluded that they don’t need to be seen as role models.

According to her, she can’t imagine having a woman touch her or try to sleep with her when there’s a man who can touch her and make her feel really good as she’s not supportive of all these gay and lesbian rights.

she added that these crossdressers dress like but yet are men down there hence don’t need to be a role model to anyone because they live a fake life per what this young psychologist said as they have no good influence on the young ones.

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