Home News 24-year-old demonstrator shot dead during tax protests in Nairobi

24-year-old demonstrator shot dead during tax protests in Nairobi

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NAIRAOBI- A 24-year-old protester was shot dead during demonstrations against the taxation bill currently moving in Kenya.

The man had taken part in a protest in the capital Nairobi on Thursday evening, as thousands took to the streets across the country.

The protest was due to a parliamentary debate and vote on the controversial law.

According to a Lawyer representing the family, the man was shot in the leg by police and died as a result of massive blood loss.

The man was not given immediate health attention for more than 20 minutes.

One of the protest leaders called for people to come on Friday to the morgue of the hospital where the deceased lay in a show of solidarity with his parents.

The human rights organisation, Amnesty International reported that at least 200 people had been injured during Thursday’s protests in Nairobi alone.

In view of the new tax law, many Kenyans fear that their cost of living will rise to an almost unmanageable level.

Entrepreneurs and business owners also fear significant losses due to declining purchasing power. (dpa/NAN)

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