5 Nigerian Celebrities Who are also barbers

Humans are multifaceted, multi-talented beings, with many possessing abilities that are undiscovered to themselves and the rest of the world. While succeeding as a Nigerian entertainer or reaching status is the greatest achievement for many people, several of Nollywood’s top celebrities also love using their other gifts, one of which we will look at today.

While some of these celebrities left their professions as barbers to seek a career in entertainment, others left their careers in entertainment to become barbers, and still, others did both at the same time.

Below are five celebrities we picked out who are barbers;

1. White

White Money

White Money, a Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, was many things and worn several hats before joining the Big Brother house. Barbing was one such -making venture undertaken by White Money. Pictures and anecdotes about White ’s days as a barber have surfaced online, and people are impressed by his versatility.

White Money

2. African China

African China

African China, well known for his songs No Condition is Permanent and If You Love Someone, has been very quiet in the music industry.

According to reports, the famed vocalist abandoned music in 2016 to pursue a profession in barbering. African China, at the time of their report, was the owner of a hair salon called Chyna Town Unisex Beauty Salon in Festac, Lagos.

3. Okafor, John

Okafor, John

Mr Ibu, also known as John Okafor, is one of Nigeria’s most prominent comic actors. But Mr. Ibu’s life was not always bright. When asked about his childhood, John Okafor recalled the duties he had to do when his father died in 1975. John stated:

That’s how we became fathers to one another and to our mother. In secondary school, I was preparing myself. I was performing a variety of odd jobs. I was selling firewood, putting together wooden mineral containers, and taking wait-and-see shots. I used to be a butcher; if you wanted to kill a goat, cow, or pig, I would do it for you, cut it to your specifications, and deliver it to your home. That was how I was getting by. It was via these menial occupations that I was able to pay my way through college.

4. Prince


Fans were so impressed with Big Brother Naija’s Prince’s barbing and hairdressing abilities that they established a GoFundMe to fund a hairdressing salon for him.

After the house, Ebuka questioned Prince about where he got the idea for a barbershop, and Prince disclosed that he worked as a barber for a year before starting university in 2012.


5. Majid Michel

Majid Michel

Majid Michel, a Ghanaian actor and Nollywood star, startled fans by posting photos of himself trimming fellow actor John Dumelo’s hair.

Majid Michel

While Majid did not explain the image, admire Majid for having another life talent that he is putting to use.

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