Abdulrahman Abdulrazak Might Decamp to PDP in 2023 If Bukola Saraki Decamps to APC

Abuja – The game of politics is all about how sensitized a politician can be when moves are being conceived. A good politician should be able to see danger prior it’s coming, and such should also be able to make predictions in order to calculate moves. However, it is very much rare for anyone who is conversant with Nigerian politics to say that he or she does not know Bukola Saraki or Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, as the duo has indispensable political stake in the country. Decamping to other parties is keenly known with Bukola Saraki’s political ideology. Hence, Bukola Saraki might choose to to in the year 2023. But then, it is quite logical that Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq might not want to be in the same camp with Bukola Saraki, because of clash of political interests. Then if at all Bukola Saraki eventually decamps to in 2023, there are possibilities that Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq might also decamps to PDP from . Hence, with the situation of things, one can say that, ‘Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Might To PDP In 2023, If Bukola Saraki Decamps To ’, so as not to give room for two superiors in a single political territory.

Permit me to take you down memorially to the year 2015, as you will agree with me that Bukola Saraki was among those who stood gallantly to protect the political stakes of from the hands of PDP. Meanwhile, it is on due book of history that PDP ruled Nigeria for more than 16 years, then this made to unanimously agreed with a single interest to take power from PDP in the year 2015. And by virtue of their collective efforts, they were able to achieve their interest in the year 2015. And as at then, Bukola Saraki happens to be a very strong hold in Kwara politics, he contributed immensely to the liberation of from PDP. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the presidential candidate of PDP in the year 2015, as he was also on the process of his second return, while Muhammadu Buhari was the candidate of APC for that very year. Bukola Saraki has a very big stake in Kwara state as at then, and the governor of the state was Abdulfatai Ahmed, who was equally on the process of his second return after which he assumed office in the year 2011 that Bukola Saraki finished serving as the governor of Kwara state.

Initially, Bukola Saraki was a die hard fan of PDP, but he made his calculations and saw that PDP might not be favourable to him in the year 2015, he then decamped to APC to join forces with the established capacities in the party. He worked wholeheartedly with the likes of ‘Adams Oshiomhole’ who was APC’s former national chairman, and ‘Bola Tinubu’ who happens to be the national leader of the party. Their aims and objectives was very much strong, and they were ready to unseat the ruling government. They were able to archieve their political targets, and all their moves went as planned, as it was APC’s candidates that won most elections in the year 2015, in both federal and states politics. Bukola Saraki as a very ambitious politician who had formerly served as a member of the house of assembly from the year 2011 to the year 2015 equally re-contested for the senatorial seat to represent the people of Kwara central, and by virtue of his well established stake in his state, which is Kwara state and also his stand in APC, he was able to win the election, and he returned for his second time. As at that time, Bukola Saraki was eligible to contest for Senate president, and he unveiled his interest, and by virtue of his calculations, he also won the Senate presidential seat.


Bukola Saraki is known as the best senate president so far, in the history of national assembly as at this day, he served as the Senate president of Nigeria from the year 2015 to the year 2019. However, Bukola Saraki made some moves in the year 2018 as most political analysts and experts concluded that the move was such a very brutal and wrong move that would affect his stakes in politics. Bukola Saraki decamped back to PDP in the year 2018, which was three years after the election that was held in the year 2015, which gave APC a good stand in federal politics. His move caused a lot of problem for his political stakes, as his political opponents were able to penetrate him and fired him enough political bullets. But then, I hope you will agree with me that Bukola Saraki is known as a very diplomatic politician who conceives in other to give when it comes to the game of politics. Perhaps, he might have seen what majority are yet to see by making such dangerous move, in which it is quite logical that such is inimical to his political career. It is quite calculative that Bukola Saraki is presently on political retreat, and he might be coming back with full force in 2023, as majority thought that he had been buried politically, but then his second coming would undoubtedly germinate a lot of political controversies amidst the two most relevant parties in Nigeria, which are PDP and APC.

Bukola Saraki’s decamping in the year 2018 lowered his political stake and status amidst his contemporaries. He lost most of his stakes in that year, and he was made irrelevant in both local and federal politics. The time for 2019 election came, and Bukola Saraki was unable to achieve something tangible in the election. All of his believers lost their stakes in the election, and the political stand of PDP reduced drastically, while that of APC keeps growing in terms of capacity. Bukola Saraki would have enjoyed the merriment of the political stand of APC, if he had not left the party for PDP. It is inarguable that APC had grown enough ‘wings’ to pilot the helms of affairs of the country for the next decades. This might be a reason that might make Bukola Saraki to back to APC in the year 2023, and with that, it is quite logical that Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq who happens to be the incumbent governor of Kwara state might not find such move healthy for his political status, as his relevancy in Kwara state depends on the state of the political dilemma of Bukola Saraki, hence, he might not even hesitate to to PDP, if at all Bukola Saraki chose to to APC in the year 2023, in other to resume his stakes in politics

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