Bandits Dethrone Village Head, Install Their Commander

…. Charges each villager N300,000 for not growing enough for the bandits

Abuja (Precise Post) – have dethroned heads of some villages in Sabon Birni Local Government Council in Sokoto State and install some of their commanders as village heads.

The development followed a directive from one of the notorious leader, Turji.

Reports said villagers of Gangara were summoned to a meeting by on Thursday in Saturu, another village in the Local Government where announced that village heads have been deposed and were replaced by some commanders as new heads of the affected villages.

In the meeting, the source said, five commanders who are loyal to Turji were present, namely Ɗan Baƙƙwalo, Boka Tamisƙe, Hassan Ɗan Ƙwaro, Dogo and Jammu Baƙi.

In the meeting, residents of Gangara were asked by to select who they want out of the five as their new village head and they chose one called Ɗan Baƙƙwalo, after which their new ruler gave them certain conditions.

Dan Bakkwalo immediately handed down his riot act to the villagers, saying there shall be no police, military or members of a vigilante group under his leadership.

He told the villagers to show loyalty and
enjoined them to bring all disputes to him for settlement.

The new ruler also ordered the villagers to contribute and pay him the sum of 1.5 million naira.

Dan Bakwwalo directed the immediate of three Juma’at mosques and the resumption of activities of the weekly market (Tuesday) in the village of Gangara, which were earlier closed down on the order of Aminu Tambuwal due to frequent attacks by bandits.

In the village of Maƙwaruwa, the bandit commander Boka Tamisƙe declared himself the new district chief and called a meeting where he asked the “ousted” district chief, a certain Ɗan Sani, to tell the villagers, through him- same, who was now in charge.

Mr. Ɗan Sani told residents that Boka is now the new village chief.

“The villagers had no choice but to obey these bandits,” one of the villagers told the newspaper.

“They are now responsible and every case or dispute should be brought to their attention. “

Meanwhile, 85 villages in Burƙusuma, in the Gatawa neighborhood, were charged 300,000 naira each for not growing enough for the bandits to use.

The villagers were given an ultimatum to contribute the money or be dealt with by the gunmen.

Sokoto State Command through its Spokesperson, ASP Sanusi Abubakar said they will investigate the development and get back to journalists.


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