Foundation Bemoans Insecurity In Imo State, Links It To Incapacity Of Leadership

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – Tobechukwu Justice Ehirim Foundation (The Emancipation Movement) has lamented the alarming insecurity bedeviling the country, especially in Imo state, South eastern Nigeria, saying it cannot be divorced from incapacity of leadership.

Speaking at a media briefing Wednesday on the “State of the nation and it’s effects on Nigerian youth”, Dr. T J Ehirim said severe youth unemployment, insecurity and apathy on the side of the citizens are fundamental issues that lead to the state of the nation and they are interwoven and need to be tackled.

According to him, the unemployment problem is not a rocket science but leaders we have today don’t have the content to take us out of the quagmire. Regrettably, our younger generation has been made to believe that the only way to pacify the youth is to do youth empowerment.

He said youth empowerment has been misconstrued to mean dishing out hand-outs instead of empowering the youth in reality. He continued: “In my state- Imo state, people are giving rabbit as youth empowerment, okada is given as empowerment and graduates are doing jobs not commensurate with their level of qualifications and competences; all of these are leading to brain drain.” The worst part being that it is the direct cause of restiveness in the country, he added.

Ehirim, who is also known as “Igirigi Ndu Imo State” , stated that banditry across the country are results of poor engagement of the youth, stressed that the state  has no adequate plan to engage the youths, starting from the students.

“While other counterpart countries are talking about how to confront the 4th revolution to take their country to the next level, we are here talking about ballot stuffing and electoral Act and god-fatherism. We must resolve as youths to end this trend, he said.

He stated that the coefficient of change with respect to the level of escalated violence in Imo state is unthinkable and that he was not sure that anyone was reporting to President Muhammadu Buhari the things happening in Imo state.

He therefore emphasised that in the coming dispensation, the Imolites must let the best of the them lead the rest of them, from family businesses to community unions and associations up to the state level. When we allow the best of us lead the rest of us in everything, the bargain you get is the best possible, he added. 

“We cannot allow what is happening in Imo state to continue so that the best brain will run away and the worst to run the state. Today in Imo state where people are known for mental capacity, excellence and intelligence, you let the intelligent people to run away and so that the worst of the society will run the state”.

He called on the youth to rise up with a resolve to stop the trend where people will mismanage the challenge of society to escalate to an unprecedented level and the state allowed to end up as a place of bloodshed, tears and anguish.

The Pharmacist and technocrat also condemned the growing apathy of the citizens maintained that knowledge and participation in has become sycophantic especially in the south east. He bemoaned the “let me go and collect money attitude” of  those born between the 80’s and 90’s. Warning that if they fail to get involved in Political activities and remain in shops, the elected bad leaders will make laws and rules that will wipe away their business.

Dr Ehirim therefore urged youths in the east to take advantage of the on-going voters registration to come out and get their PVC as it is more important than shop.

“Youth of Nigeria are the best human capital you can think of across the world, they are naturally very resourceful, innovative  and hard working but they are troubled by poor leadership who are paying lip services to nation-building and this has led to this highest insecurity,” he added.

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