Insecurity: See Appointment as Calling To Serve Nation With Equal Patriotic Zeal – CSO Charges Service Chiefs

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – A Civil Organization, Citizens Awareness Against Corruption and Social Vices Initiative (CAACASVI) has commended President Muhammedu Buhari on the appointment of new service Chiefs saying it is highly desired in the war against insurgency in the Northeast and the multitude of insecurity situation that the nation is grappling with.

The CAACASVI said the new Service Chiefs must see their appointment as a divine calling to serve the nation and to rise up to the occasion with equal patriotic zeal.

In a statement by its convener, Comrade Olumuyiwa Onlede, it disclosed that the new service Chiefs must embrace a paradigm shift in its approach to the general security situation particularly in the Northeast to revive morale and restore the Nigerian military as a disciplined and effective fighting force.

Onlede further urged them to stear clear of as some politicians are fifth columnist hell bent on sabotaging the unity and stability of our for personal gains.

The statement reads: “Citizens Awareness Against Corruption and Social Vices Initiative (CAACASVI) congratulates Nigerians in anticipation of an improved security situation in the country due to the appointment of new service chiefs.

“We also appreciate the President Commander in Chief President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR for heeding the voice of Nigerians to relieve the immediate past of their appointment; also we thank them for their selfless service and their doggedness in the fight against .

“As a CSO in the vanguard of the anti coalition, we implore the new service chiefs to see their appointment as a privilege to serve and no to see the office as an advantage or means to enmesh wealth.

“As we all may agree, the security situation in the country as we speak is something that is worrisome and of great concern to every patriotic citizen of this country. The situation has taken the citizens trust away from our , that is why we want to encourage the new service chiefs to deploy their years of experience and expertise to operate in a way that will rekindle the hope of citizens across the country and also justify the confidence repose on them by the president, this can only be achieved if things are done differently and one of the ways is to get familiar with the in the war front and listen to their inner voice of agitation and meet their needs as that is the only way to boast their moral.

“The new service chiefs should know that it is not yet time to celebrate but to hit the ground running immediately and avoid any form of distraction from those who may appear to them as friends but whose attitude and agenda is that they want to see Nigeria as a if whatever they want is not given to them, those we termed enemies of the nation who at every point in time are always waiting for the failure and lapses of our for their personal gain.

“We believe and hope that within a year from now the nation Nigeria will be better of in term of security under the present of our arm forces.

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