Joeboy proudly rocks fan’s bra thrown at him while performing on stage

Self-acclaimed young legend,  has brazenly hanged a fan’s bra on his waist.

The bra was thrown at him by a female fan while performing on stage before an excited crowd.

Describing the scene has ‘wahala’, the singer shared a of the scene, which showed moments he was busy on stage singing one of his hit songs when an unknown lady threw the bra at him.

He proudly took the underwear and placed it on his body asking the crowd, “Who threw this?”

See screenshot;

Joeboy rocks fan’s bra
Joeboy rocks fan’s bra

  had  sometime ago recount his struggles  before stardom in a chat with  personality,  Chude Jideonwo.

The  talented artiste also said  that  he worked under the sun to promote a product in Ogun state.

“Sometimes I felt everything should just end because it was difficult,” he said.

 “I remember after secondary school, I didn’t have money, I was looking for a job. I remember going for a full month looking for a job. 

“I would prepare my CV. There was a time I trekked from Ilaje to Sabo in search of a job with my friend. We submitted our CVs but didn’t get the eventually. 

“I eventually got a job to promote products for a company under the sun. They took to redeem camp in Ogun state, it was difficult. We were paid N5000 a week.

 “At that point, life was hard, I remember I only had one Nike shoe and it was fake. So, one promise I made to myself was that when I finally blow, I’ll always buy shoes.

“So, these days, when I’m down, I just step out to buy shoes. Life was more difficult than failing an exam or owing school fees.

“There was a particular time this happened to me. I’ll just say when a child is owing school fees, don’t call the child out. Just tell the child not to go to school.

“Don’t flog kids for owing school fees, the child doesn’t have money. School owners should not embarrass a child for owing school fees.

 “It was really embarrassing for me at the time because it affected my esteem at that point.”

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