Pretty Mike Compares His Party Stunts To Feeding The Poor

Mike Eze Nwalie Nwogu, the controversial and nightlife connoisseur popularly known as Pretty Mike has revealed that people are willing to pay for him to perform stunts at their parties.

The entertainer, who has gone viral several times for his strange appearances at parties made this revelation at a recent event in Lagos.

Mike, an actor, and nightclub owner is one of the celebrities people watch out for at top events in Nigeria because of his controversial entrance.

Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike attends a wedding with a herbalist.

“I do have friends that tell me to come and pull stunts at their wedding, some people even want to pay me for it.

“It’s not something I just generate, I don’t repeat stunts. For example, as I’m talking to you now, I don’t have any stunts coming up in my head but it doesn’t mean something won’t come up next week.

“I only do stunts at my very close friends’ parties, that’s what people need to understand. If you’re not my very close friend, I will not pull a stunt at your party because I hear people on social media say if he does that at my party I will throw him out, I’m not even coming to your party.

“It’s like a pet project for me just as some people like to feed the poor, I like what I do.”

With Pretty Mike’s revelation that people are willing to pay him to perform his stunts at their wedding, it is safe to say that we are in interesting times as the entertainer’s stunts can be way overboard more than half of the time.

Pretty Mike
Pretty Mike attending a wedding with two on a leash.

Sometimes ago, Pretty Mike was seen attending a wedding party with a herbalist, and at other times he attended parties with four dwarfs dressed in singlets and traditional wrappers with white markings on their faces.

This is not to mention the many other stunts that he has performed, but if there is one thing he cannot be overlooked for, it is that he knows how to get people to talk about him whenever he needs them to.

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