Reactions as Cobhams Asuquo contemplates returning to Nigeria after he was shocked by a restaurant in Kenya

Famous Nigerian music producer, and songwriter Cobhams Asuquo has roused the attention of over the inadequacies in the country, extending from the government to different organizations.

Cobhams, currently in Kenya, shared a video online where he contemplated extending his stay in the country over their remarkable difference from Nigeria.

The highly esteemed was spotted in the video tracing a braille (a form of written language for blind people, in which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips) menu provided by the restaurant.

Cobhams, who shared the video on Instagram, expressed delight to be able to select his menu in a restaurant and also thought of staying back in Kenya.

He wrote: So I came to a restaurant in Kenya and these guys gave me a braille menu. Nigeria, how far? Am I coming back lai dis ?

who reacted to this development counted the many faults in the country’s system while highlighting the vast difference and setback Nigeria has been experiencing.

loveth_eruero: The way this country dae go so, any where you see peace of mind better stay there

ebiye_million: Our restaurant na to use flowers scatter everywhere nai them know, restaurants turn photo studio

raydvgbg: We are behind. Everything in this country are for those that can see, People without vision dey hear am….

angiestonez_: People with disabilities in Nigeria aren’t considered in all spheres, even in most schools. Which kain country be this? May God help Nigeria

ifyatusiubah: Do better where? What have we done with the do on ground. Abeg bros no come bac oooo

Some months ago, Cobhams Asuquo showered praises and adorations on his wife when she marked her birthday.

The well-loved blind musician praised his wife for being a wonderful woman who has turned his obstacles into stepping stones.

Cobhams Asuquo wrote: “Wonderful wife, amazing mother, Bestest friend and all-round good girl! Good girl? anyway, I’ll save my personal birthday message to you for your ears only; I ’t think they can handle it! but today I raise a glass to a wonderful woman who has turned many obstacles into stepping stones. Sweetie, I know It is not easy; but you do it with more grace than many and I appreciate you.

So, on this special day, I pray for you: May your life be easy, May your dreams come true, and I wish you “plenty money” today and always. Happy birthday my darling, you make July special.”

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