See Breakdown Of APC Delegates To Decide Party Primaries

By Vitus Njoku

The decision of who will fly the flag of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2023 presidential will be decided by 7,810 delegates from across Nigeria.

The state-by-state breakdown of delegates in Nigeria was obtained and released by Joe Igbokwe, a chieftain of the ruling party, on Friday, May 20.

From the breakdown, the top five states with the highest number of delegates are Kano, Katsina, Borno, Osun, and Lagos.

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has the lowest number of delegates: 53 in all.

See the breakdown below:

Kano: 465 delegates

Katsina: 384 delegates

Borno: 324 delegates

Osun: 308 delegates

Lagos: 304 delegates

Oyo: 292 delegates

Jigawa: 266 delegates

Niger: 251 delegates

Ogun: 248 delegates

Nasarawa: 245 delegates.

Abia: 154 delegates

Adamawa: 184 delegates

Akwa Ibom: 165 delegates

Anambra: 163 delegates

Bauchi: 202 delegates

Bayelsa: 79 delegates

Benue: 180 delegates

Cross River: 194 delegates

Delta: 170 delegates

Ebonyi: 154 delegates

Edo: 168 delegates

Ekiti: 216 delegates

Enugu: 131 delegates

Gombe: 134 delegates

Imo: 236 delegates

Kaduna: 234 delegates

Kebbi 213 delegates

Kogi: 222 delegates

Kwara: 195 delegates

Ondo: 200 delegates

Plateau: 185 delegates

Rivers: 151 delegates

Sokoto: 193 delegates

Taraba: 146 delegates

Yobe: 222 delegates

Zamfara: 169 delegates

FCT: 53 delegates

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