“Selling your body will not get you anywhere”– Mr. Macaroni warns young Entertainers

Popular skit maker and comedian, Debo Adedayo, a.k.a has warned his younger colleagues to desist from using their body to achieve their career goals.

“Don’t believe that you have to sell your body or do anything inappropriate to get to that height, work hard and keep believing, by God’s grace you will get to desired height,” he told NAN in a recent interview.

also stated that allegations of sex for roles should be investigated and appropriate meted on culprits.

He insisted that such allegations should not be swept under the carpet.

“Absolutely disgusting, absolutely abominable act, I’ve always spoken against it, even before I attained this position being a public figure.

“I have kicked against it, I have series of tweets against it, I have lots of content to speak against it, it is highly disrespectful and highly degrading, it reeks of how much we have lost touch with humanity.

“People should get roles and based on competence, based on the fact that they are able to deliver. How many people will you sleep with?”

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