What My Blood Sister Did After Hearing News I’m Allegedly Dating A Married Man – Nancy Isime Reveals

Popular actress Nancy Isime broke down as she shared with her fans how fans and people have been showing her incredible love and support despite rumors of snatching someone’s husband.

Gistlover made the allegations against Nancy Isime saying she’s dating a married man is sponsoring her lavish lifestyle that we have been seeing online and fans have expressed disappointment in her while reacting to that.

It was alleged that the married man called Michael is a rich businessman and he has been sponsoring Nancy Isime.

Nancy Isime Well in a recent update on her Instagram stories intimates that ever since the news of her alleged secret romantic affair with a married man broke out, fans have been showering her with lots of love.

The actress also revealed that her sister jumped to her defense on various social pages and groups and fought against those passing negative comments about her until she got blocked and her sister demands compensation for the damages caused her for her sake.

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