Why I Haven’t Been In a Relationship Since 2012 — Comedian, Mr Macaroni

comedian, content creator and activist, Debo Adedayo aka has revealed his status. 

The star said that he has been single since 2012. 

He made the revelation during an interactive session with his Twitter recently. 

A curious fan had asked about his plans for marriage and when he intends to settle down.

Are you considering getting married anytime soon?” the fan asked.

In response, the Skitmaker disclosed that he is scared of marriage and due to that, hasn’t been in a for the past 10 years.

 “Nooooooooo!!!! Marriage scares me. I haven’t been in a since my time in HNAUB… That’s like 2011-2012,” he said. 

On the basis of this disclosure, another fan asked how he handles his sexual urges since he doesn’t have an official girlfriend. 

you haven’t been to since 2012,when you are horny ,how do you cope?” he asked. 

His response to that question has gotten netizens buzzing online. 

The popular comedian said, “I have some female who are also scared of relationships. I call them and We pray together 😭”

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