Why June 12 election was annulled, by IBB

The election was adjuged by most Nigerians as the freest and fairest in the nation’s democratic experience.

It was contested between Chief Moshood Abiola of the defunct and Bashir Tofa of the defunct National Republican Convention (NRC).

Babangida, while speaking with Arise TV during an interview on Friday monitored by The Nation, explained if he had not annulled the election, a violent coup d’etat would have happened.

He said: “If it materialised, there would’ve been a coup d’etat — which could have been violent. That’s all I can confirm.

“It didn’t happen thanks to the engineering and the ‘maradonic’ way we handled you guys in the society. But that could’ve given room for more instability in the country.”

Babangida said there was pressure on his junta within and outside the to nullify the election for that reason.

“Both. The can do it because they have the weapons to do it, and others (civil groups) can use agitation,” he added.


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