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Dr Kings Oshifade Kayode – Profile of Founder & Convener of Holy Kings Impacts Summit

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ABUJA – Dr. Kings Oshifade Kayode is based in Abuja.
He is from Ode Remo of Remo north local government, Ogun state.

Dr Kings Oshifade Kayode is the Team Lead, Founder & Convener of HOLY KINGS IMPACT SUMMIT,


Promoting and Empowering Africa…
Making impacts is superior to making income.
This is what facilitate my school of thoughts..

Core Values
At Holy Kings Impact Summit, we pride ourselves on 3 main values.
These are as follows:

We believe that it is up to you and me to empower our brothers and sisters. Leadership starts from within, it is not enough to leave it all to the government to handle. Over the years, we have taken from the little we have to support and empower small business owners and the less privileged and so we believe there is a bright future for bigger scale empowerment to occur.

Summit: Haven talked about Outreach, as great as that sound, it is not enough. There is a saying that goes thus, “poverty starts from the mind”, but so do wealth. That is why we organize Summit from time to time to tackle the mindset of our youth and assist them in building wealth in their mind and then manifest it in the physical form. In these Summits, we gather experts in various fields to share their wealth of knowledge, and teach the core fundamentals of wealth creation. It is also an opportunity for networking, as we understand that some people have the right mindset but they lack the connection.

Awards: Celebration! We love to celebrate thought leaders, people who are making significant changes in their space as it relates to the theme of Holy Kings event of a certain period. We do this three times in a year.

Our mission is to honour notable Nigerians and Africans whom have contributed in reducing poverty and unemployment in Africa as a whole as well as helping to empower the unemployed youths and widows while promoting the African values by promoting 1000 Startup & grassroot entrepreneurs annually.

To help project African culture and values by changing the negative narratives so as to boost her economy and make the region more habitable while attracting foreign investors and partners.

HOLY KINGS IMPACT SUMMIT specialization concludes;
Impacting Lives
Mindset Discourse, AWARDS & Summit
Promoting & Documenting Africa (Clothing, Food, Beauty & Culture)
Brand Advertisement & Visibility
Project & Events Management
Digital Coverage & Multimedia Consultancy
Honorary Doctorate & Certification.

Dr Kings Oshifade Kayode is CEO & director of one of the leading multimedia firm in Abuja, HOLY KINGS IMAGERY & Abuja Elite; is a channel which contents includes:
Lifestyle program: ABUJA ELITE
School of Thoughts
Live streaming & Cooperate events
Highlights & Montage
Multimedia consultation
Events coverage
Advert & Brands Promotion
Content creation
Project Management.

He is happily married to Kehinde Oshifade with children.

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