Glo subscribers to get 22X value of every recharge

Abuja – One of the telecom giants in Nigeria, has said that it will reward subscribers with the 22 times the value of every recharge from N100.

The telecommunications company, in a statement said “Customers recharge with N100 will be credited with N2,200 value.

The statement said further that subscribers would first get the N100 recharge amount in their main account, which they use on any Glo product as they desire.

“To this, they will receive a bonus value of N2,100 for data and for voice calls to all networks in Nigeria. In the same vein, those recharge with N1,000 will receive N22,000 worth of value comprising N1,000 credit in their main account, which they use on any Glo product as they wish, and a bonus value of N21,000 for voice calls to all networks in the country and for data.”

The statement further said subscribers use the bonus received on each recharge, which is valid for 7 days from the recharge date to call all networks, and is available on both paper and electronic recharge platforms.

The network explained further that the 22X offer was packaged to delight its subscribers and to reward them with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines, adding that “we want to allow customers to satisfy their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge”.

Glo assured its customers of 5GB of bonus data and hundreds of bonus minutes to further delight them and assure them of its commitment to their benefits.

“Customers on the network will receive confirmation messages on their phones after every recharge, while they also dial #122# to view their 22X bonus balance” Glo concluded.


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