Governor Masari declines comment on why Buhari has not visited Kankara (video)

During an interview on Channels Television programme, Politics Today, the Governor refused to answer if he spoke with on why he has not visited the school.

Instead, the governor asked the Channels Television presenter to go and ask President Buhari the question.

See the conversation below:

Channels Television Presenter: Governor, still staying with the visit to the President. I am sure you have seen a lot of questions coming from the President asking just why the President has not visited the school. Did you get any response concerning that.

Governor Masari: You go and ask your President. I didn’t ask him that. You go and ask him.

Channels Television Presenter: It was you that met with the President, Governor Masari and a lot of Nigerians will like to know if that came up.

Governor Masari: Your correspondent is on the entourage of the President ask him to ask him.

Channels Television Presenter: Why ask him, when we can ask you.

On Friday last week, attacked Government Science in the Kankara council area of the north-west state, kidnapping scores of .

At least 333 are still missing since the attack which Boko Haram has claimed to be responsible for.

-No Abducted Student Dead-

Also during the interview on Politics Today, Governor Masari said no abducted student of the Government Science in Ƙanƙara Local Government Area of the state is dead.

“The children are alive and we have not received any report that anyone had fallen sick. So we assume that all is well with the children,” the governor said.


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