I Will Do Some Birthday Trivia Questions Today

By Osita Chidoka

Country I will like to visit Argentina, always wondered how a country as rich as the United States as at 1860 ended a basket case of sovereign debt default.

Foreign Artist I will like to meet
Salma Hayek Pinault her portrayal of Frida Khalo was epic

Writer, I will like to meet
Yuval Noah Harari His books are defining monuments of the 21st century

Politician I will like to meet
Narendra Modi for his amazing use of data, social media to drive his politics and governance

Book I will be caught reading again
The Godfather for it’s vivid portrayal of human nature and I must add The Arrow of God, an amazing work of art.

Nigerian Artist I will like to meet
Burna Boy Naira Marley they are great musicians

Nigerian Music I want to dance to
Flavour Nabania’s Game Changer

City I love
Enugu ~ a run at Okpara square, car wash rice and beans + goat meat breakfast and smell of harmattan makes Enugu surreal for me.

The Artiste Inwould love to watch live
Andre Bocelli ~ a life ambition

City I don’t get tired visiting
Rome ~ watching Opera in Rome is the most relaxing thing I do. The restaurants in Rome are amazing and the people friendly

Author I will like to interview
Fyodor Dostoevsky ~ will like to ask him the inspiration for the Grand Inquistor in Brothers Karamazov

Politician I will like to interview
Chief Obafemi Awolowo ~ what would you have some differently as a Politician? Also Barack Obama ~ at what point did you know it was possible to be a President

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