Imposition Of Direct Primaries On Parties Absurd, Uncalled For Says Ex-IPAC Chair

….Nigeria lacks political to be able to practice direct primaries – CSO

By Ogechi Okorie

Abuja (Precise Post) – Former Chairman of Inter-Party Advisory Council and National Secretary of Coalition of United Political Parties, Peter Ameh, has reacted to the imposition of direct primaries on Parties, describing it as absurd and uncalled for.

Ameh, in an interview with newsmen, said the issue should be left for parties to decide.

He asked, “Why should the method of selecting or electing political party representatives be forced down their throat? It totally absurd and uncalled for.”

Nigeria lacks political to be able to practice direct primaries – CSO

On his part, the co-convener, Alliance of Civil Society Organisations for Expansion of Electoral and Democratic Space,  Ariyo-Dare  Atoye, said the nation lacked political to be able to practise direct primaries.

He said, “We don’t yet have the political infrastructure to be able to practise direct primaries, in terms of rules that should guide this. The direct primaries we have seen in the country are at best a charade .”

The Convener, Ready To Lead Africa,  Godbless Otubure, on his part said, “My view is that it is very democratic but if you ask a party person, they will tell you that direct primaries now make the process a bit more expensive. But that can also be a lie because at the end of the day, it can make the process as expensive as the delegate system.”

Direct primaries will end godfatherism – House committee chair

Meanwhile,  Gaya; and the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Defence, Babajimi Benson, on Tuesday evening explained the reason behind the U-turn made by the Senate on electronic transmission of election results.

He said this on Politics Today, a current affairs programme on Television monitored by one of our correspondents in Abuja on Tuesday.

Gaya said the National Assembly, whether the Senate or the House, listened to the wishes of the people.
Speaking on direct primaries, Benson said the restriction was based on and freedom to participate.

 He said, “The Speaker (the Speaker of the House, Femi Gbajabiamila), in his wisdom, during the consideration of the report, brought the motion seeking to ensure that all parties use a direct mode of primary to elect candidates for the various political positions. He  is trying to bring back inclusiveness, so that god-fatherism, favouritism and unpopular candidates can step out.”

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