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May Day: Reps Minority Caucus hails invaluable contributions of workers to nation’s growth and prosperity

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Abuja – The House of Representatives Minority caucus has called for a living wage for Nigerian workers and better condition of service as labour marks this year’s May Day celebrations.

In a message signed by the Minority Leader, Rep Kingsley Chinda tagged: ‘SOLIDARITY MESSAGE TO NIGERIAN WORKERS ON THE OCCASION OF WORKERS’ DAY, MAY 1ST, 2024′, the caucus again reminded the Federal Government on the need to pay a living wage that can take Nigerian workers home.

Read full message below:
Fellow compatriots,

“Today, as we celebrate the resilience and contributions of Nigerian workers, the backbone of our nation’s development, we stand in unwavering solidarity with Nigerian workers across all sectors and facets, while acknowledging their tireless efforts and sacrifices.

“Doubtless, today is a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions of workers to our nation’s growth and prosperity.

“As we mark this Workers’ Day, and honour the contributions of workers, let us recognise the challenges faced by workers, including poor working conditions, inadequate remuneration, and erosion of workers’ rights, reaffirm our collective responsibility to advocate for a fairer, more inclusive society where every worker is treated with dignity and respect.

“As the Leader of the Minority Caucus of the House of Representatives, we reiterate the commitments of my colleagues in the Minority Parties of the House of Representatives to addressing these issues through legislative actions and advocacy.

“The Minority Leadership resolves not only to reflect on the pressing issues facing the Nigerian workforce but to act on and prioritise the welfare and rights of workers, just as we have commenced the drive for living wage for Nigerian worker against the minimum wage offered by the government.

“We urge the government to prioritise policies that promote decent work, social protection, and fair labour standards. We demand an end to the exploitation of workers and the promotion of equal opportunities for all.

“The resilience, dedication, and sacrifices of Nigerian workers cannot be overstated.

“To the workers, we say thank you for your dedication and hard work. Your labour builds our nation, and we honour your contributions.

“Again, we call on the government to urgently consider a living wage for the Nigerian worker and commence implementation with same speed that she implements increase in taxes or tariffs on the populace.

Long live the Nigerian workers!

Aluta Continua; Victoria Acerta!

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