Nigerians in diaspora honour outgoing consul general Egopija in New York

UNITED STATES- Nigerians in the diaspora of New York and New Jersey have celebrated the achievements of the outgoing consul general of Nigeria in New York, Lot Egopija, on completing his tour of the state.

In separate farewell events organised for him in New York and New Jersey, some leaders of Nigerian associations commended Mr Egopija.

Grace Adepoju, the chair of the Outreach of Nigerian Nurses Association, USA, Inc., at a farewell event organised by the Organisation for the Advancement of Nigeria (OAN) in New York, praised Mr Egopija’s dedication to serving his compatriots.

Ms Adepoju said Mr Egopija was open to suggestions, including having a monthly free health outreach for Nigerians at Nigeria House.

The general secretary of OAN, Olayinka Sarayi, said the attendance at the event testified to Mr Egopija’s contributions in bringing Nigerians together.

“We planned the event on such short notice, but the turnout is amazing. Everyone coming together to share their well wishes is a testament to the impact Ambassador Egopija has had on the Nigerians within New York’s jurisdiction.

“His absence will definitely be felt but his time here was well spent,” she said.

Also speaking, the president of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation (NIDO), New Jersey chapter, Adeola Popoola, lauded Mr Egopija’s leadership and diplomatic qualities.

“The consul general arrived at his duty post without a specific agenda other than his determination to be fair and just and to confront every challenge in an egalitarian and custodial manner.

“This means seeking solutions for the more significant benefit of person, people and State, ahead of and beyond individual aspirations, objectives, or sectoral preferences.

“Therefore, we once again table Egopija’s successes and triumphs in front of you. Give honour to whom honour is due. This again is not doctored nor embellished, but pure facts, observations and data,” he said.


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