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Sacked BPP DG Moves to Cause Chaos, Seeks to Install Non-staff Against Tinibu’s Directive

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By Chris Udochukwu

ABUJA – Erstwhile Director General of Bureau for Public Procurement, (BPP), Ahmadu Mamman is seeking installment of non-staff as replacement against the directive of President Bola Tinubu even as Transparency and Anti-Corruption Campaign in Africa, (TRACA) has demanded that the position should be given to the most senior career officer in the bureau.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Executive Director of TRACA, Samuel Orovwuje.

Apparently disturbed by the flagrant display of corruption in the agency, TRACA has demanded that the most senior officer, Adebowale Adedokun should act as stipulated in the Civil Service Rule.

Precise Post recalls that President Bola Tinubu had on June 14 fired Ahmadu Mamman and ordered that the most senior officer in BPP should immediately take over.

But in a twist that pointed to the fact the outgoing DG has ulterior motives, he handed over to a pool officer seconded from the Federal Ministry of Justice as legal unit director, just last year, totally disregarding the directive of President Bola Tinubu.

This has not gone down well with staffers of the agency who are demanding for a reversal of the decision of the DG to handover to a non-career officer.

TRACA in the statement declared that as “a transparency group we cannot allow this corrupt move by the DG to stand noting that:

“Mamman Ahmadu, FNIQS, who handed over power to the Director of Legal, a pool officer from the Federal Ministry of Justice, posted to the Bureau barely a year ago. This decision directly contradicts the circular issued by the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, referenced SGF/OP/I/S.3/T/39, dated 28th August 2019 as attached.

” Paragraph 2(b) of the aforementioned circular states that “pending the appointment of a substantive Head of Extra-Ministerial Departments, Director General, Chief Executive Officers of parastatals, Agencies, Commissions, and Government-owned companies, outgoing CEO, without any form of discretion, must hand over to the next most senior officer of the establishment as long as the officer does not have any pending disciplinary matter.” 

“Adherence to this directive is crucial for maintaining organizational integrity and compliance with established protocols and to avoid career truncation of the BPP Staff in reaching their career peak.

“Appointing the Director of Legal, who is not a core staff of the Bureau and lacks procurement background and capacity undermines the spirit and letter of this directive, as well as Mr. President’s directive on the reorganization of the Bureau.

” Note that His Excellency, President Bola Tinubu, has directed the resignation of Mamman Ahmadu, the Director of BPP, and instructed that the most senior officer in the Bureau take over, pending the appointment of a new Director General. This aligns with the President’s efforts to reorganize the procurement system for greater efficiency and transparency.

” Mr. President’s directive that the DG hand over to the most senior officer in BPP was not followed immediately. The DG convened two (2) handover meetings and each time rescheduled, eventually handing over on the third meeting. The former Director General did not comply with the President’s directive and handed over power on 21st June 2024 to the Director of Legal as acting Director General of the Bureau.

“The Director of Legal who is a pool officer and a staff of the Federal Ministry of Justice has been on special assignment to the Legal Unit since 30th May 2023 and lacks procurement expertise.

“The Head of Admin had earlier prepared a brief and recommended to the former Director General that the most Senior Director, Dr. Adebowale A. Adedokun, assume the role.

” However, this recommendation was disregarded as the former DG prevailed on the Admin to flout the SGF Circular quoted above. I waited for the handing over which was changed two times. The former DG delayed this process and instead handed it over to the Director of Legal, who came to the Bureau barely one year ago. not followed. Dr. Adedeokun is ready to assume the role.

“Note also that by practice in the Civil Service, Directors of Legal, Auditors, and Accounts posted from other MDAs cannot act as  Accounting Officers of MDAs as they are serving as pool officers.

” Furthermore, an investigation should be carried out to prevent the recurrence of such abnormal appointments.

“An immediate review and reversal of this decision to ensure compliance with the stipulated guidelines. This will restore confidence in Due Process and help prevent acrimony and corruption within the Bureau and civil service as a whole.

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