‘She is a bad boss, who doesn’t pay her staff,’ Lady calls out Actress Funke Akindele

actress and content creator Funke Akindele- has been called out for not fulfilling her financial obligation to her staff.

A lady identified as Aditi Ogbenyeanu took to the microblogging Twitter to drag Funke Akindele.

According to the lady, Funke Akindele is a bad boss who does not pay her staff, but she forgets everything whenever she sees the actress dancing.

She wrote: Anytime I see her dancing I forget she’s a bad boss who doesn’t pay her chai. Dance is good.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Funke Akindele has been called out for unruly behaviour towards her staff, but she never responds.

Funke Akindele is described by many of her colleagues as a giver as she had consistently rendered financial help to them.

stars such as Alesh Ola, Bimbo Success, Kemi Korede, Faithia Balogun and many others have once publicly expressed appreciation to Funke after assisting them financially.

This makes us wonder why Funke Akindele is constantly called out for being a bad boss and not paying her staff.

In a twist, Funke Akindele is a very hard-working fellow, and we could say some of the alleged negative attitudes towards her could be because of their carefree attitude to work and laziness.

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