Stick To Sharia, Stop Pampering Terrorists And Delving Into Cow Matters – Fani-Kayode Slams Supreme Council

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – Former Minister of Aviation, Femi has slammed the Supreme Council for Sharia over it’s advice to governors, warning them to stick to their sharia and stop pampering and delving into cow matters.

who gave the warning when he took to his twitter handle, urged the Council to stop giving unsolicited and unwelcome advice to the Governors of the especially when that advice is asinine, nonsensical and absurd.

Precise Post recalls that shortly after the order by Governor Akeredolu for to vacate the Ondo forest and the quit notice to killer/kidnapper to leave Oyo State, the Supreme Council for Sharia has called on the governor’s of the Southwest to provide ranches for herdsmen in their region before a ban is placed on open grazing in order to avert further crisis.

This was said in Osogbo by the Vice President of the group, Sheikh Abdur’rasheed Hadiyatullahi.

He said: “We believe the outcome of the Miyetti Allah group and South-West governors ‘ meeting banning open grazing is part of the solution but it is not the solution yet, we believed banning open grazing without an alternative will be a greater . The can begin to wander aimlessly, so we advise that governors across the nation should establish ranches for them and set rules and regulations that must not be breached .

“Looking critically at this crisis, contrary to the tribal and religious interpretation or label given to it, from our investigation, we discovered it is pure criminality that causes the perennial wrangling between the two tribes.

“To find a way out of the versus host community crisis, we call for dialogue and wider consultation. The Igangan incident must be condemned by all lovers of peace. But at the same time, we cannot close our eyes to the pain and suffering of and indigenes of the area, who criminals see as soft targets for kidnapping, , etc. It is, however, crystal clear that it is not a religious matter, though some have been misled into labeling it as Hausa-Fulani affair. Our focus must be the criminals, not any tribe, as rightly stated by Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

“While we do not endorse , we opine that people whose farms have been destroyed have the right to express indignation. In the same manner, those whose relations or friends have fallen victims to criminal activities like kidnapping and , are justified to speak up. The only difference here is that no single tribe should be held responsible for all the crimes.

“This is because criminals abound in all faiths and tribes everywhere in the world, not only in Nigeria. We should, therefore, address crime and criminals. We should target and armed robbers, not any particular ethnic group. Those who make the mistake of profiling people of certain tribes will end up hurting decent elements within that tribe and this is against the law of natural justice.

“Truth is bitter, but the earlier we say it, the better. Herdsmen have no right to destroy crops. This is where people have genuine grievances against herdsmen.

“To douse tension immediately, we want the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, devise a mechanism whereby town hall meetings between herdsmen and the host community will hold and differences sorted out. We also suggest that cattle ranch should be created. This, in our humble opinion, will go a long way in resolving the crisis. Because if the ranch is created, this will prevent the herdsmen from roaming around the city and invading people’s farm and destroying their crops.”

The former in his reply to the Supreme Council for Sharia tweeted:

“I advise the Supreme Council for Sharia to stop giving unsolicited & unwelcome advice to the Governors of the SW. This is especially so when that advice is asinine, nonsensical & absurd. They should stick to their sharia & stop pampering & delving into cow matters.”

Earlier in his own reaction to the advice to SW governors, Reno Omokri who is also known for his criticisms of the ills in the society, on his official Facebook page said:

“What concerns the supreme Council for Sharia with asking to provide ranches for herdsmen? I thought their business is Sharia? The Sharia Council of Nigeria asking SW Governors to build ranches for herdsmen is like the Conference asking Northern Governors to build shops for Igbo men. When will the Black man stop using religion as a cover for madness? If you want to do Sharia, do Sharia. If you want to do ranching, do ranching! But don’t do Sharia as a cover for herdsmen!

Recall that the herding issue in the has been on going for some time now as many of the South Western residents have complained about the illegal grazing and cattle rearing in their areas and cattles destroying farm produces in the land.

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