Why Human Rights Lawyer Stormed Supreme Court In Traditionalist Attire

After the Apex Court ruled that muslim students can wear Hijab to schools In Lagos, Human Rights Lawyer, Malcolm Omirhobo, has stormed the Supreme Court dressed in native doctor’s attire,

According to reports, when the Learned Lawyer walked into the Supreme Court, the Justices who were on seat looked up in shock, looked at themselves and without a word, went on recess.

In an he granted few minutes later, Omirhobo stated that since the Supreme Court has ruled last week that students could wear Hijab to schools in Lagos, that means the Court has given every religion a right to dress the way the believers wish to dress and that he has decided to dress like a traditionalist/native from on to court since the Supreme Court has given religious freedom to all religions!

Precise Post recalls that the social media was awash with trending video of the Human Rights Lawyer seated in the court and when he was going out.


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