Why I fought Ronaldo at Ballon d’Or award – Dani Alves

Dani Alves has spoken about how he got into a “scuffle” with at a Ballon d’Or ceremony while he played for Barcelona.

The Brazilian opened up on the “incident while speaking on a with UNAM Pumas -mate Efrian Valverde.

Alves, who left Barca in the summer after a short second stint at the club, also spoke of his admiration for Ronaldo.

“There came a time because of the rivalry that I would go over to greet him [Ronaldo] and he wouldn’t greet me,” he said.

“There was a controversy that never came out, but in the dressing room of the Ballon d’Or ceremony we had a scuffle, I greeted everyone and he didn’t greet me because of what the -Real Madrid rivalry was generating outside. But how I not respect a guy who has achieved everything based on hard work and putting his heart and soul into it?”

Alves added on ’s unique talents: “He was born with the talent to play football and to be in another world that only he can reach.”

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