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Actor Stan Nze’s wife, Blessing Obasi spills her greatest fear after marriage

by Lovina

There are prizes to pay for marriage as a public figure, and newly married actress, Blessing Nze has shared some of hers and how she has been dealing with it all.

In an recent interview, the movie star married to a colleague, Stan Nze, Blessing spills her greatest fear.

Hear her: “When people get married, they get so comfortable. It feels like a box that has been ticked but they are not really interested in servicing it as such. You’ve ticked the box and you’ve moved on so what else?

So, I think my greatest fear will be not really nurturing my home, keeping and building my home to be that place I always want to come back to and make it a safe place for my husband. Sometimes, you see some couples fight like enemies and you begin to question why because, they used to be in love. So, what went wrong? Like my husband will always say, this one that this love is just doing us, hope tomorrow we would not later say ‘go to your tent O Isreal’ and I just say, ”we don’t need to work too hard to make this thing, we are already here.”

The filmmaker and seasoned Script Interpreter said, “Marriage has made me become more deliberate about my actions. For instance, I’m sometimes like, ‘you are a married woman, you can’t just stay out late, you can’t always go out and forget yourself’. If for instance I go out with my friends to the movies and we end up seeing a couple of movies late into the night because we don’t want to get home and be bored, now that I am a married woman, I can’t because I wouldn’t want to be perambulating Lagos like a homeless person. So, I think there a bit of sense of responsibility now but not from a place of being forced, it is just me talking to myself “

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