Leave While Ovation is Loudest – Reno Advises Trump

By Ogechi Okorie

(Precise Post) – Disturbed by the horrifyisusng scenes in Washington, Reno Omokri has written to the United States President Donald Trump urging him to leave when the ovation is loudest.

Reno who wrote to Trump via his twitter handle, appealed to him to let the system work, think of his legacy and to remove himself from the picture so he can see God’s bigger picture.

The letter reads:

Dear President @RealDonaldTrump,

I have been a chief supporter. However, I urge you to leave while the ovation is loudest. Let the system work. Think of your legacy. It should not be this. Remove yourself from the picture so you can see God’s bigger picture.

May God bless you.

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