My Love Letter To Men By Blessing Ntamu

Dear men,

We understand that your perception of yourself is linked to your relationship with the in your life; at least in patriarchal Societies. Hence you think:
★For you to be a strong man, there’s got to be a weak woman.
★For you to be a smart man, there’s got to be a dumb woman.
★For you to feel powerful, there’s got to be a woman under your control.
★ For you to be a dominant male you’ve got to have a woman under coercion, etc.

Dear 21st century man, we your wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and friends have come to tell you that the patriarchal conception of your relationship to is erroneous, begin to view your relationship with differently.

YOU ARE AS STRONG AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK, your are as strong as the in your life.

★ For you to be strong, you must have a strong woman supporting you.
★For you to be smart, you must have a smart woman in your team backing you up with smart ideas, whose smart genes your kids will inherit, (research has shown that intelligence is mostly inherited from the woman) and who will raise your smart children.
★For you to be powerful, there’s got to be a powerful woman supporting and raising your arm.
★You do not have to be a dominant male the focus is on collaboration not competition, marriage is a partnership not a between two opponents. Your wife is not an object for your gratification. She is a human being with equal rights, an invaluable resource that yields enormous benefits in mutually beneficial relationships.

Dear men,

If your wife has multiple degrees do not feel threatened, celebrate her, at the worst get yours. Don’t feel intimidated, develop a poor self esteem and begin to berate and hit her to feel powerful and in control.

If your wife gets a higher pay, a promotion, it is your win, you are partners support her at worst strive to increase your earnings. Do not sabotage her or tear her down.

You are as good as the quality of your partner. Respect her and honour her. Remember the two of you are one. If she is respected you are respected.

If you have childhood issues, or self esteem issues, lack confidence, etc. you work on those with a therapist, do not take it out on your wife.

If you forget everything, do not forget the fact that your wife is your partner, build together.

Your daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, friends and female colleagues are one of the nation’s greatest resources. Do not destroy, or deplete.

On behalf of all women,
Dr. Blessing Ntamu
With all my love

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