PDP and state of the nation

SIR: It is true that there are isolated cases of insecurity pervading the landscape of Nigeria presently, and expectedly the opposition Peoples Democratic Party () has jumped on them to castigate and malign the Muhammadu Buhari administration

In reality, however, it is easy to observe that while the country is grappling with these challenges, the root cause and foundation for the Frankenstein monster was laid under the 16 years that the reigned supreme in the land. Before the emergence of , was running amok, not only in the Northeast, but actually extended their nefarious operations to the Federal Capital, Abuja, Kogi and Kaduna states.

Similarly, there has been a lot of hue and cry about the country’s debt profile, but the true position is that while the borrowed to steal, without any visible results, the Buhari administration has been borrowing and committing the funds to visible infrastructural projects such as railways, roads, airports, housing and power.

Nigerians need to question the PDP on how they deployed the loans they sourced while in office and the locations of projects on which they were utilised. These issues have become germane considering the propensity of the opposition party to always lay the blame of the country’s derailment at the doorstep of the Buhari administration. It is therefore mischievous to raise issues about the state of the nation and its perilous state without recounting the role of the PDP in bringing us to the crossroads.

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Nigerians can attest to the fact that apart from the teething challenges of which affected our way of life, agriculture had been substantially revived under the Buhari government. Also, the process of accessing fertilizer for farming has been liberalised and cured of the inherent corruption in the system.

The party is on record to have wasted several billions of dollars on the purchase of elusive arms to fight terrorism. As a matter of fact, huge amounts of cash were ferried out of the country all in the name of buying arms for . Now, under the administration, a straight –forward approach has been adopted with the government-to-government arms supply. This does not leave any room for government officials to fritter away the funds earmarked for arms purchase.

Nigerians cannot forget the humongous debt overhang of $63 billion accumulated over a period of five years prior to Buhari assuming office in 2015. The administration of has only acquired $24 billion debts all of which are all tied to several life-transforming infrastructural projects across the country.


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