Pfizer To Continue Vaccine Supply To Italy Even If Rome Files Lawsuit -CEO

By Chris Udochukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – The chief executive of the Pfizer’s Italian unit said on Thursday that the Pfizer will continue to supply its to , respecting its agreement with the European Commission, even if Rome sues the company,

“We do not intend to speculate on this, but we will continue to supply the vaccine as envisaged by the agreements with the European Commission,” the CEO of Pfizer in , Paivi Kerkola, said in an with daily la Repubblica.

Kerkola said that the group’s supply of vaccine to would be back to “regular” this week.

On Tuesday, Italy asked the to take action against Pfizer over cuts to its deliveries, a day after Rome had sent a formal warning letter to the U.S drug company calling on it to respect its contractual commitments after a slowdown in deliveries.

Last week Pfizer said it was temporarily slowing supplies to Europe to make manufacturing changes that would boost output.

Kerkola said she believed that the group would be able to supply about 2 billion vaccine doses by the end of the year and that increases in production volume would be seen from mid-February.

Asked about the difference in vaccine prices Pfizer applied to different countries, the executive said prices remained confidential but the company used a “fair access” principle, with higher-income countries more and lower-income countries less.(Reuters).

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