‘She Beats Me After I Tried Breaking Up With Her In 2003’ – Joe Francis Accuses Paris Hilton

American entrepreneur and film producer, Joe Francis who dated heiress and TV star, Hilton in 2003 has spoken about his past relationship with her.

Francis who was the founder and creator of the Girls Gone Wild entertainment brand, also allegedly had a fling with one of the Kardashian sisters and has now claimedd he was assaulted by Hilton, a then close friend of Kim Kardashian.

“I swear to God, I had to call the security of [the hotel], and then she started beating me, because she was drunk,” Francis, 48, alleged on an episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast on Wednesday night, January 12.

He continued, “And then, I had Nicky [Hilton] staying in my room and Nicole Richie staying in my room, and I’m like, ‘Look Nicky, I’m going to kick your sister out of the room right now. And if she hits me again, I’m calling the security, and I’m going to have my security, take her out.’”

Francis – who was arrested on domestic violence charges in 2020 for an unrelated dispute claimed that Hilton, 40, “hit [him] again,” which prompted him to have his security escort her into the hallway. However, he said Hilton allegedly found her way back to his suites and was “beating down the door all night.”

“That’s the craziest woman I’ve ever dated, ever,” Francis said. “She’s out of her mind. A hundred percent out of her mind. When I broke up with  Hilton, she told me that I couldn’t break up with her because she was Hilton.”

Yontef then asked Francis if he thinks Hilton’s current marriage to Carter Reum will last, to which he bluntly responded, “No way in hell.”

Hilton previously denied that she and Francis ever dated. After Francis’ home was burglarized in 2004, Hilton told LAPD (per NBC News) that he was “not [her] ex-boyfriend.” The outlet also reported that when asked if Francis was someone she dated, Hilton said “no.”

Hilton and Reum, both aged 40, tied the knot on Nov. 11, 2021, at her late grandfather’s $61 million California estate.

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