States Must Develop Their Grassroot Sports – Musa Nimrod

By Joan Nnenna Iwuchukwu

Abuja (Precise Post) – President of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation Engineer Musa Nimrod
says there is need for States to develop grassroot sports in order for Nigeria to be ahead in sports.

Nimrod who was at the opening ceremony of the 20th National Sports Festival condemn contracts being given to athletes as he tagged it as slavery but rather he advised that States should support Federations that I more positives will be recorded.

“Being privilege to be aware of the 1973 National Sports Festival as a young person, growing in the military cantonment, sports was moving but you cannot compare those days during Gowon and later Shagari regime, it is not easy to compare because that period, there was excess money.

The love for money is so high now because the money is scarce that is why athletes prefer to go for contract signing.

Athletes buying will not help Nigeria.

States must develop their grassroots, we must go back, let them work in conjunction with the Federations, let them support the Federations and welcome any federation that want to work with them, we will stop all this contract buying of athletes, it doesn’t happen anywhere

Some of these states you will not hear one competition of the Federation taking place until after another two years again where they start buying athletes giving them six months allowances in preparation of the sports festival it does not work like that”.

The Kaduna based sports administrator spoke about Team Nigeria performance so far in Volleyball and plans for the teams.

“We going to Mexico for under 18 and Iran U19 towards the end of the year. My desire is to see that we perform very well. My desire is to see beach volleyball go to Tokyo.”

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