“The Peace I Have Now Is Worth Everything I Lost After My Marriage Crashed” – Activist Esther Ijewere

, women and girl child’s rights , Esther Ijewere has stated that the peace she’s currently enjoying is way more important than what she lost after her marriage crashed.

She explained that she lost many opportunities when her marriage crashed. But, she added that the peace she gained is worth more.

The women and girls’ rights whose marriage crashed after it was blessed with two children, tweeted: “The peace I have now is worth everything I lost after my marriage crashed. I lost it all, gave up alot for my sanity. Was pulled out of many opportunities because of my single mom status, people judged me, but I’m still standing because God has never left me for one day.”

Esther Ijewere

She added an for women, writing: “I will always support any woman who walk out of an abusive marriage.

“Choose your sanity & safety over society sisters. Don’t die in silence. Leave to LIVE!”


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