World Bank To Grant 2.5m Dollars For Water Supply Expansion In Sokoto

By Habibu Harisu

Sokoto, – The Sokoto State Commissioner for Water Resources, Alhaji Umar Bature, says the state would access World Bank grant  of 2.5 million US Dollars for the expansion of water supply to residents.

Bature made this known Thursday in an interview with newsmen in Sokoto.

He said the grant would be utilized in boosting water supply to Sokoto metropolis and environs.

Bature noted that the current water system in Sokoto was laid in 1988 and needed expansion to cover new areas in the town.

“When I took over in November last year, we had issues of equipment not working, staff not motivated, virtually everything on ground was unsatisfactory.

“We did a tour, saw the problems and we came up with an action plan to rehabilitate, first the machinery to the level that we believe can produce water, improve on the storage.

” Then initiate ways to motivate the staff to be able to understand that the kind of work they are doing is for social service not to make money.”

The commissioner disclosed that in the last six months, the government had restored between 30-40 per cent of water production and distribution in the town.

He said that other water projects being handled included that of  Runjin Sambo and Gagi ground water projects.

“Runjin Sambo now has water; in fact, we have diverted the water that goes there into other areas because they have a lot of water.”

The commissioner said government had reviewed the water rate to be paid by consumers and would forward a bill to the State Assembly to provide a law for it.

According to him, only a meagre N24 million is being generated as revenue from water rate deducted from workers salaries monthly, while nothing is being collected from individuals.

Bature said the state government was partnering USAID, World Bank and  African Development Bank to holistically address water challenges across the state.

Bature who listed vandalism as a major problem to water supply in Sokoto, said that the state water board is targeting three million gallons of water per day. 

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