Youth: Youth in governance 2023 is possible- Uche Nwosu

By Kelechi Henry

Abuja (Precise Post) – In an granted at the Unity House in Abuja recently, the former deputy to Senator and commissioner for lands also one time gubernatorial aspirant under the Action Alliance Party, , Hon. Ugwumba Uche Nwosu has come forward to encourage the Nigeria to consider taking a step in the direction of active politics in the way forward for the younger generation in the governance of this country.

Over the years the Nigeria have consistently taken the position of being neglected in the politics and running of governance of the nation to the older generation ,this agitation boiled up to give rise to the ‘not too young to run’ passed by the NASS in this current administration.

Uche Nwosu in his position said “PMB has passed the ‘not too young to run’ ,everything has been given to us ,the age limit for House of Assembly is not what it was before, the age limit to be a governor is not as we use to have it before, the age has been reduced a bit and the has been passed, so what are we still waiting for ,instead we are on our phones typing and abusing leaders ,meanwhile you have your pvc you can organize yourself and bring out who you want to vote for, the environment has been cleared and everything has been provided for.

The of the EFCC is a young man ,so many people in government are young people ,it is time for us to come together ,we should not sit at home and continue to blame the government.
We have more than enough quality young leaders in this nation the problem is that we don’t believe in ourselves, we have always believed that it is our parents that are above 60years that can do it.

The day we begin to believe in ourselves is the day the change we desire will come.
, Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu and so many of them were leaders in their thirties, even of recent, Orji Uzo Kalu, Donald Duke Saraki, became governors in their thirties, so what are we still waiting for, are we waiting for our fathers to tell us what to do ?

For me it depends on us, the earlier we the young ones know we are leaders the better for us and the nation, so the issue of if we have quality young leaders, is hundred over hundred” he said.

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