You’ve Insulted His Mother by Calling DaddyFRZ ‘Bastard’ – Reno Writes Ibiyeomie

By Ogechi Okorie

Abuja (Precise Post) – Special Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Pastor Reno Omokri has written an open letter to Pastor Ibiyeomie, reminding that by calling Daddy Freeze ‘bastard’, he has insulted his mother.

Reno who said Daddy Freeze was wrong to have insulted Oyedepo, said Christ was insulted, but He did not retaliate.

He condemned Ibiyeomie retaliation when he took to his twitter handle account @RenoOmokri and tweeted thus:

Dear Pastor Ibiyeomie,

Christ was insulted, but He did not retaliate. “When they hurled insults at him, he did not retaliate”-1 Peter 2:23.

@DaddyFRZ was wrong on Oyedepo. But I know his mother and father. By calling him bastard, you not only insult him. You insult his mother.

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