Annie Idibia fights Dirty With Colleague, Zari Hassan Over 2face, Says “I Will Protect My Home At All Cost”

Nollywood actress and wife of legendary singer 2baba, is safe guarding her marriage at all cost.

The actress and mum of two had an open confrontation with her cast mate, Zari Hassan over her husband.

alongside her husband 2baba, Ugandan Zari Hassan, her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz among others are the casts of Young, Famous and African, a South African reality show.

Zari Hassan had a conversation with 2baba at Annie’s back and this infuriated Annie.

She confronted her for not talking to her about the said issue.

Annie stated that Zari should have come to her before going to 2baba.

As Zari tried to defend herself, Annie fired at her with demeaning word. She described her as a lady who no guy wants because of her attitude.

This statement pissed the off and she fired back at her.

Zari claimed that the things 2baba was doing to Annie is making her feel unsecured and intimidated by any woman.

She avowed that Annie is the one with issues since she got insecurity.

Annie : Why didn’t you speak to me? Let me know. That’s why you ’t keep nobody because of this attitude

Zari : The things that your man is doing to you is making you feel intimidated and threatened by any woman that you see. It’s you, you got issue, you got lots of issues.

It’s because of your insecurity that you think we need to discuss what I don’t have answer to

You man isn’t even my type.

Annie : You can’t do that, that’s my home, please don’t trespass

Diamond is your babydaddy. Do not trespass, you have no right to.

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