Bobrisky Shows Off the N15 million Cash His Lover Gave Him After They Spent A Night Together (Video)

Controversial Nigerian male barbie and cross-dresser, has shown off wads of cash he got from his after spending the night together.

while flaunting the 15million naira cash he got from his , says he doesn’t go out but that when he does, he makes millions.

In the viral video on , while Flaunting the cash, said;

“I told you I don’t date broke boys naaaa, Niyi is fucking loaded.”

“My bank am bringing dis money to you guys, una go count money today tire, 15 million cash”.

Bobrisky on a different post, revealed that his credited him N3 million Naira to share to his grandma, motherless baby homes and for his hair, says he wants to faint.

On his Snapchat, he wrote;

“I got another 3million credit alert dis morning from Niyi, he said I should give my grandma ! miilion, I should give 1million to motherless baby homes, lastly 1 million for my hair, I wnat to faint can someone hold me pls”.


Watch the video of Bob flaunting his cash below;

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