Check Out 13 Gorgeous Nigerian Celebrities Rocking Tinted Hairstyles (Photos)

The blonde low cut haircut is growing more trendy by the day, and more celebs are following suit. These celebs have little trouble switching between hairstyles. The haircut is intended for fashionistas who are bold and daring. Years ago, tinted hair was associated with crime and vice; if you wore this type of a hairdo, firms would not hire you regardless of your expertise in the area, therefore it’s pleasant to see Nigerians embrace this trend.

The blonde natural hairdo is more enjoyable and gives the face a youthful appearance. I was of the opinion that African women should learn to be confident and beautiful in their natural hair. Tinted hair is assisting in this endeavour. Before you can tint your hair, you must first trim it to the correct length and then select a colour. When selecting a colour, take your skin tone into account.

Check out the list below to see if you can recognize your favourite star with blonde hair.

1. Jalade

Omotola Ekeinde Jalade

Omotola, a renowned Nollywood actress, uploaded images of herself on her official Instagram account yesterday. The photographs revealed that the stunning actress had dyed her hair grey and trimmed it into a punk style.

She looked stunning in it. The mother of four wore the ensemble to her ’s graduation ceremony in Dubai.

2. Alex Unusual

Alex Unusual

She is stunning in her blue and purple hair with quadruple razored lines.


Ruth Kadiri

4. Dominic Tega

Dominic Tega

Tega, who was bold enough to dye her hair blue, looked elegant in it.

5. Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime

Nancy is the blonde hair queen, the trendsetter. Her signature appearance is tinted hair with double razored lines.

6. Nina Ivy

Nina Ivy

7. Shan George

Shan George

She has always preferred short hair.

8. Idibia, Annie

Idibia, Annie

9. Beatrice


10. Chizzy Alichi

Chizzy Alichi

11. Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko

12. Ifeoma Efiokwu

Ifeoma Efiokwu

13. Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro

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