Covid-19: Photos Show Thousands Of Freshly Dug Graves In South Africa As Death Toll Spikes

Abuja (Precise Post) – Pictures showing thousands of freshly dug graves in as its cases take the country to fifth in the world.

Recently filled graves were photographed at Olifantsveil Cemetery outside Johannesburg preparing for the thousands of deaths the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking on the country.

Despite being Africa’s most well-prepared country for the pandemic it currently has 538, 184 cases and 9,604 deaths, according to the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre.

Death rate is thought to be a lot higher as a South African Medical Research Council report last week showed many coronavirus deaths were going uncounted.

has conducted at least three million tests, more than any other country in the continent, but it is still not enough and supplies are constantly being snapped up by richer countries.

‘We are fighting this disease in the dark,’ International Rescue Committee expert Stacey Mearns said.

Daily Mail UK

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