Fans begin investigation on why Wizkid did not appreciate Carter Efe over hit song Machala

Netizens have begun to investigate why famous Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, better known as Wizkid, did not appreciate Carter Efe’s hit song, Machala, which was dedicated to him.

This reaction from Cybernauts comes after Wizkid, the “Essence” crooner, raised eyebrows after lavishing praise on hypeman God Over Everything (GOE) following his viral “Ta Ta Ta” hype song made for him.

Wizkid gives him N2OM and hypeman GOE, who wasn’t expecting it, can’t contain his joy as he continues to thank the singer for his generous gesture.

Cybernauts, on the other hand, have begun to describe Wizkid as an unpredictable person for not giving anything to Carter Efe and Berri Tiga, who recorded the hit song “Machala” exclusively for him.

Remember how Carter Efe and Berri Tiga’s Machala was nothing more than a nostalgic bop? After its successful release on Friday, July 29, 2022, the song earned the duo several shows and even the number-one spot on the Apple Music Nigeria chart.

The track drew attention from fans due to its infectious sound, which directly references the lifestyle of renowned Nigerian singer Wizkid, also known as Machala.

Social media users have begun to share their thoughts on why Wizkid did not show love to Carter Efe despite Machala’s success.

A famous Instagram blogger identified as Tufab wrote; “I guess the energy around efe’s camp caused him to lay back. When dem begin fight for who get song, who wiz go give credit? Person wey no like stress. But at least he still having chance to perform @ his show. ❤️.”

Comedian Kamo State commented; He is so unpredictable 😂.

An Instagram user known as @chyddo said; He differentiates love from clout and as humans we should be able to know when its real and when someone is trying to feed off us.

IG user wizkidayoreigns stated; I know the reason the intro of that song is not nice which one be “ I just want be like wizkid I just want Dey Ghana Dey smoke igbo” so wizkid don’t have any other thing doing? Ahhh!

mariomakez_ reveals : He gave him more than money. Wizkid name made him the first skit maker/comedian to have his song on Top 1. He gave him hope and a chance in the music industry

sabitalk1’s uttered; Carterefe wanted to trend so wizkid ignored him, when you show someone a genuine love the person go know, wizkid is not a kid as y’all think.

king_lascurt wrote; Carter efe and Berry tega would’ve been appreciated if they came from the west.

Activist VeryDarkBlackMan spills; If Carter want thank am saliva go fall wiz body,wiz no want get saliva infection 😩😩.

hoeshagee_blog discloses; Grace pass grace and I guess he helped the guy cause he knows he needs the money so bad compared to Carter wey don blow normal before 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️.

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