If the country must divide, it must divide between the rich and the poor- Rochas

By Our Reporter

Abuja (, Precise Post) – The Senator (APC) Imo West,Anayo Rochas Okorocha has expressed his strong views on the issues bordering the nation as the country has been going through some stormy clouds ranging from insecurity,banditry,killings,kidnappings,terrorism,poverty, food crisis,etc.

The President Newspaper Distributors Association of Nigeria in a with the senator at his Abuja office gave their support to Rochas, he stated that “ we are going to mobilize our members and the down trodden across the country to give you our support, we are optimistic that when somebody like you is in the saddle of leadership in Nigeria ,the issue of security challenges, the issue of poverty that is bedeviling us with hunger everywhere, will be things of the past”.

In response to this appluadable gesture by the group, Okorocha expressed his dissatisfaction about the state of the nation, particularly on the unity and threatened security of citizens across the length and breadth of the country amidst hunger and poverty.
He stated saying “don’t let anybody deceive you, there is no difference between the Igbo man, the Hausa man, and the Yoruba man, don’t let anybody deceive you.

I have told them that if we must divide this country we must divide the country between the poor people and the big men, because the poor man in the Kano who is hungry and has not eaten anything since morning is the same with the poor man in Ibadan who is hungry, the rich man in Imo and the rich man in Zamfara are the same thing, so let nobody deceive you, our problem in this country is and poverty”.

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