Nobody Has Been Worse to Israel than President Obama and Biden – Trump

….Trump claims he made the capital of Israel

By Ogechi Okorie

Washington (Precise Post) –

United States President, Donald Trump has
said that nobody has been worse to Israel than formerPresident Obama and Biden, citing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

This is also as he has claimed he turned into the capital of Israel, even as the Jewish state has long said the city is the seat of its government.

Trump, speaking Friday to supporters, also declared that his decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to was most appreciated by US Christians.

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Trump slammed previous administrations for not moving the diplomatic mission to bestow U.S. recognition on the Israeli claim to the city.

“They never moved the embassy to Jerusalem, thereby making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, which I did,” Trump said.

“You know who appreciate it the most, are the evangelical Christians,” he added.

Palestinians want the eastern part of Jerusalem for the capital of their future state and the move by Trump was denounced by the Palestinian Authority.

The president also claimed “nothing happened” during the ceremony of opening the new embassy, though clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli security forces that day left dozens dead in the Gaza Strip.

Trump took a specific dig at his predecessor, Barack Obama and vice president , who is running in the .

“Nobody has been worse to Israel than President Obama and Biden,” said Trump, citing the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran(Vanguard).

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